Birding Tour

Birding Tour

Information Birding Tour in the Netherlands

Below, you can make a choice from the birding tours I offer in the Netherlands.

The birding tours generally take place in one of the three Northern Provinces in the Netherlands: Groningen, Drenthe and Friesland or the island Texel. For example in the Lauwersmeer or the Fochteloërveen. I am very well known here with the famous, but I also know the unknown good birding places. Of course it is also possible to consult me for a tailored tour, please contact me.

Transport during the birding tour

The birding tours are in principle effected with the car from the guide. Of course it is possible for you to follow the guide in your own car. From 4 people or up you have to take care of additional cars. If that is not possible or desirable, we offer the use of a rented minibus. We also offer the opportunity to pick you up and drop off free of charge at the railway head station in Assen or Groningen (maximum 4 people). The selection of the railway station depends on the location of the birding excursion. If desired, this can be specified when paying the tour or by the contact form.

Participation with my birding tours is at your own risk.

You have to take care by yourself for an insurance with sufficient coverage.

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